Skyfish Meltdown Tsunami Japan Series

2011-03-17 03:36:03 by Uplion

Our Skyfish Tsunami Series has been a great success, I couldn't have done it without all of the love coming from you guys.

For easy access I've linked them here.

Skyfish Japan Tsunami
Skyfish Japan Tsunami X2
Skyfish Japan Tsunami Douche 3
Skyfish Japan Tsunami 4 U
Skyfish Meltdown Japan
Skyfish Meltdown Japan X2

And because I'm such a nice guy, here's a link to the charity group to help them out. DO IT NOW!!! Dude those people are going through stuff you've never been through! Radiation exposure, are you kidding me? Do it! Do it! I know money isn't going to help them since they need water, shelter and food immediately, but here's hoping I guess.

Charity link

Also, because of the lovely fuming reactions, the series will continue. I'm telling you, if you don't review them so passionately with 0s i wouldn't be making so many. I'm just being honest.

Skyfish Meltdown Tsunami Japan Series


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2011-03-19 09:14:43

Alright, you are just asking for trouble punk.
Now fuck off newgrounds..

Uplion responds:



2011-03-19 16:29:34

omg fluttershy is mah favorite pony!!!

Uplion responds:

thanks... I think ... I mean.. if that's ok.. I don't mean to offend... but thank you...


2011-03-20 00:18:26

I think i just found another wild MLP fan! Go Charizard!

Uplion responds:

I just like Fluttershy. There is something so hypnotic and comforting about her character. I think the entire show is there for each person to find one character and then it just hooks you with its happy-go-lucky attitude as a contrast to the menacing cynical world. That show will be big, I assure you.